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October 10, 2009

31 for 21 day 9

This video below is of Lillian (18 months) walking just a few weeks after she learned to walk. You can see her movement is still a little unsteady and wobbly.

Just a month later, her movements are more controlled and steady. Also, you can see her playing with her brother. I just love hearing them play nicely's nice I was able to catch it on camera!

So, the latter video I posted on Facebook. But, I wanted to show her off here on the blog also. I really hope that people who see these videos will learn that yes, she can walk and yes she is happy!


  1. Sonia...what adorable videos of your little ones! Can I just say that Lillian is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and your son is as well! What a strong little girl....walking so well! Brayden will be 18 months on the 18th!, but we are not quite there yet with the kuddos to Lillian and yes, I hope so many see these videos just to show there is no difference in our little ones vs any other child...ok, maybe we get a little extra smile and extra laughter...:)

  2. So cute! And I have to admit, I've always loved the wobbly baby walk :)



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