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January 25, 2010

My Thanks to you all

The weeks have passed since Lillian's October Speech Eval.   And things are somewhat back to normal.  I guess there are just some things about our lives that will make us feel down.  And that's OK.

So, in light of the past two post, I wanted to end with some positive thoughts and encouragement.  Everyone has the right to feel down.  We need to cry and maybe feel sorry for ourselves.  However, we must remember that what it is that we're crying for will soon pass.  I gave myself permission to cry, but I wish I would have spoken out sooner...I know better now!  This group of people, in real life and via the internet, needed to hear my tears.  In return, they told me it was alright.  And I'm so happy for that!  Lillian will be alright!

I'm leaving this post with some encouragement.  Lillian's speech is delayed, but she is strong as can be!  Part of accepting her diagnosis is also accepting everything about her!  And I love me some Lillian!

I also have to Thank each and every one of you guys who sent emails and left positive comments on here for me!  I may not know each one of you personally, but this whole blogging world has really given me a sense of community.  You guys are great and I will always come forth with any difficulties I may have...even if they are small or ginormous (Charlie's new favorite word).

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  1. Hi Sonia! I've just caught up with your blog posts. I can only echo the positive comments you've received. Hang in there! And yes, definitely remember that "we" are here, ie blogging friends, facebook, etc. I know it's not quite the same as having someone physically next to you to talk to but it helps more times than not. Remember, you are blessed. ***hugs***



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