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May 25, 2010

Date Night...watching Date Night

Yesterday, Bobby and I had the opportunity to go see a movie together. Our neighbor mentioned that he and his wife went to see Date Night and how funny it was. I mean, it does have Tina Fey and Steve Carell.  You can't go wrong with those two! He then said that we should go and see it, we'll laugh a lot too and really enjoy it.

So, me being me said, "Hey, does that mean you're offering to watch all my kids?"  And he said, "Sure"!  Well...I'm taking that sure as a big fat YES!  I promptly started an early dinner for the kids, made them eat, and shuffled them all to the neighbor's house.  Bobby went to get cash and buy treats (because even the base theater will rob you).  But, honestly, he and his wife are so nice and great with the kids, I didn't sweat it a bit (and because the last time Bobby and I actually went out together alone it was around April 2009!!!).

The movie was great!  Hilarious, even!  I now want to go to some fancy restaurant and take someone's reservation and see what kind of trouble we get into...well, not really, but it would be interesting!

But, the whole point of this post is really the importance of having a date night.  I can't believe that we waited that long to actually do it.  Really, for the most part, it's the fact that Bobby and I don't go out unless we have family in town to watch our kids.  And with us being in the military, the closest family is 8 hours away!  I think we need to find other people to watch the kids (hello Respite Care), so we can have more date nights and to find out what kind of trouble we can get into!

Lucky for me, he still puts up with my nonsense and I put up with's all part of being in love.  Ughh...that was too mushy for my liking!


  1. Girl, I hear ya! I think we've gone out sans kiddies maybe less than the number of fingers I have on my hands!! Good for you two getting out!!

  2. Date night is so important. It's so hard to actually do it, though!!

  3. So glad you could get out for a date night! Hope it was romantical!

  4. That movie was hysterical. My husband and I try to do date night once a week. Sometimes we have to do a date night in which can still be fun.

    Found you via SITS and I'm your newest follower. I"m hosting a giveaway on my blog and there's like no entrants so stop on by if you're interested.

  5. When I read on Twitter than it had been a year since you'd been on a date, I gasped! No more waiting that long, k? You know, you could always come here for a weekend. I'd be glad to watch your kids on night. It could be really fun for everyone! I'm not even joking. Consider it, k?

  6. It wasn't romantical...but it was a great time and we laughed! Full on grown up laughing!

  7. Chrystal...that's how my neighbors got stuck watching my kids!'re next, we'll drop them off and never come back (j/k I think I'll miss them too much)



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