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May 23, 2010

Time flies too fast

Time really does fly by way too fast!  I'm trying to be a good blogger, but time is just not on my side.  BUT, I have been very busy this week!

I've been in the process of opening up a home daycare.  So, this week, I've been preparing for my home and fire inspections.  Passed with flying colors (thankfully, the house cleaning wasn't too hard since I try to keep it clean), but man, the latches and security part was a lot of work!  I think every door and cabinet in my downstairs is secured!  I know, it's for a good reason...and I should have done this before, but I didn't.  Fire inspection was good!  Better than expected, I just had to replace two lightbulbs, that's it!  However, again, it was the preparation!

Here on base, we have monthly inspections.  We as providers must perform monthly fire inspections too!  AND the fire department will have surprise visits to see if you are actually doing them.  They will even ask your kids questions!  I hope I can do means being very organized and on top of things.  TWO things that I am lacking!

But DAMN you California!  I would rather be a teacher, like I am suppose to be!  If you would stop laying teachers off then I wouldn't have to worry about doing Home Daycare...but on the other hand, at least I get to make money and still be at home with my kids!  So...who wants to sign up for my daycare?

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