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June 12, 2010

Family Picture Time

At last!  We finally did our family pictures!!!  Well, sort of...
We had our pictures taken with the fabulous Michelle from MRS Photography.  She captured some fantastic pictures for us, but Miss Lillian was not being cooperative. She wanted to run the field and do her own thing!  However, because Michelle is wonderful at what she does, she was still able to get some fantastic shots of the fam.  We are having another session with her, earlier in the day this time!

So, please head over to her blog and let me know how they look.  AND for those of you who want to see more can go to her gallery.  They are password  protected, but I think you can figure it out!

Did I mention how awesome she is????

(p.s. more will come later as she is our photographer for the Littlest Hero Project)


  1. You guys are always so much fun! =) I had a great time with you all and just LOVE Ms. Lillian! Can I borrow her??? =)

  2. When can I pick her up????? LOL

  3. I guess she had plans of her own. Love her dress.

  4. Adorable!!! What a great looking fam!!

  5. Oh, I love them! I have a few favorites. Can't wait to hear about your LHP shoot. It's been a year since we did ours already!

  6. Gorgeous Photo! So cute and adorable!

  7. Why...gonna come back from your vacation to get her? LOL...we'll be

  8. Heck Yeah, can borrow her anytime...really, I mean it LOL!



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