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June 10, 2010

Game Over

The kids and I have been spending a lot of our free time at the base pool.  The weather has been nice and I needed to even out my tan (I'm about 4 different shades of tan right now!)

Well, the other day, I was in the pool with Lillian and this girl comes over to us and says, "I know your kid" pointing to Charlie.  I'm like, how do you know Charlie...he's like 4.5 and you're a big kid (she was 10).  Her mother was nearby and saw me talking with the girl and she came over to make sure everything was alright.  I said that her daughter knew my son, but I wasn't sure how they knew each other.  Her mom said that her daughter is in Special Ed. and as a treat she gets to visit the preschool class and read stories to them.  Her daughter has Autism.  Ahhh...well that makes perfect sense now!

So, a few minutes later, Katie comes over to see what was going too.  I asked her if she knew the girl and she said yeah.  Then she said that some of the kids at school were mean to her.  She went to say that they play the "M game" and it wasn't very nice.  The game basically is like cooties, and whoever touches her can pass the cooties around.  Katie then tells me that she got tired of them picking at her so she touched M and said Game Over.

You see, Katie understands that kids are different.  She understands that kids who are different are still kids, like she is.  She's at the age, where she is not tolerating mean behavior and is willing to stick up for those who can't.  I'm very proud of my Katie...she did well!  I don't and can't expect her to be everyone's hero, but she really made me proud and is my little hero!

Well, done My Sweets!  Well, Done!

Have you ever been so proud of your kid?  Please share your story!


  1. That is so awesome! Katie sounds like an amazing girl! My daughter isn't quite old enough to understand but I hope that when she is, that just like your Katie, she'll stick up for people that are different.

  2. Children get their behaviors and mindset from their parents as well; so kudos to mom and dad as well!!!
    I experienced something similar. Sydney used to come home from school and always talk about her friend "Duncan". She once mentioned to me that he was the only African-American kid in her class, but that's all she told me. At the end of the school year I went to meet her teacher, who said, "Your daughter has such a big heart; Duncan is one of our Special Ed kids in the school and she has been his only friend all school year. She helps him put his jacket on and at times when he trips and falls she stops to help him while others just stare."
    It was the greatest feeling to know that regardless of what the rest did and thought about Duncan, Sydney was not influenced.

  3. You go Katie! What an amazing daughter you are raising Sonia!

  4. Erin, I can almost guarantee that your daughter will do you proud! If she is anything like you, she will shine!

  5. Rosie, I bet Sydney makes you very proud! I wish I were there to give her a big hug! You are raising a very smart girl!

  6. TheredheadriterFriday, 11 June, 2010

    Three cheers for Katie!!!

    It is refreshing to hear about a nice child doing something nice.

  7. Katie may very well have sowed a seed of encouragement in that little gal's spirit. Thanks for sharing. It was very encouraging!

  8. She probably also got the other kids thinking for the first time about the choices in being a leader or being a follower. Pretty creative little form of leadership that we can all benefit from :)

  9. Go, Katie! Beautiful inside and out.

  10. Go 'head, Katie with your awesome self!!! I love my babies dearly because, like Katie, they know that we're all different and that some of us are empowered to use our voices more than one of the biggest times this past school year Kaia used hers:

    Good job, Mommy!! Katie is showing she's the product of awesome parenting!!

  11. You girls just don't know how proud I am of her...I really should let her know more often. I also hope that her good actions will not only sow a seed in that girl, but also in the children who were there.

  12. She's my hero! What a great girl!



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