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October 20, 2010

31 for 21:19

I know, yesterday's post was shameful!  But, I did it to resond to someone elses post!

You must check out this blog and watch the video.  Dan Drinker posted a video of his elation over the Phillies vs. Giants game.  He is  a Phillies fan and I am a new and proud Giant's fan!  The Giant's lost game 2.  As he is celebrating on the east coast, I am NOT celebrating on the west a restaraunt...during Bobby's uncle's last night with us! 

But, my lovely Lillian made us so proud when we were at Pier 39 having dinner at a bar/restaraunt watching game 1 of the series.  The Giant's won that night and no matter how much cheering went on, I'm pretty sure Lillian topped everyone with her cheering too.  Yeah, she doesn't know that she was cheering for them, but every guy in black and orange that night just knew she was! 

So, alas, today ended Game 3 of the Series and guess what Mr. Drinker, us Giant's are ahead and my dear husband was at the game to see it in action!  I love to love you, but I'm too happy that the Giant's are up one on  you guys!  Can't wait to see game 4...who will come out ahead????


  1. Go Giant's!!! The Phillies are going down! Poor "Baby Blue"... Bobby can explain who Baby Blue is.



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