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October 24, 2010

31 for 21:20,21,22 & 23 pt.1

Is that cheating?  Making four post into one?  I say not (only because I don't want to be a failure).

This post is mostly going to be Military Life related.  Because it looks like we are uprooting ourselves again and heading all the way back to Kings Bay, GA!  Well, technically, the hubs will be stationed there and we will all live across the border in Jacksonville, FL.

Now, just to recap our history from 2004 until now...just so you can see why this is such a big ordeal or not for me.

July 2004 we leave GA/FL and drive all the way to L.A., California, to ship our car so, we can fly to Hawaii!  The trip was not bad at all...and plus we only had one child at the time.  But, our arrival to the airport was not going as planned and we were running LATE.  We went to the domestic flight service area to get checked in and cleared for security only to find out that we needed to be in the INTERNATIONL flight service area!  WHAT, apparently Hawaii is considered an overseas destination...when I always thought is was part of the United States.  You probably can guess by now that we missed the flight.  It wasn't so easy to catch another flight and it took almost 2 hours to find the right person to help us find a way to get to our destination.  Would  you believe the first person told me it would cost $1200 a person to catch another flight...ummm no, that was not going to happen.  In the last hour before I thought we should just swim over, a very kind man came along and took great care of us.  He rebooked our tickets to leave L.A. the next day to arrive to Hawaii.  Thank you dear sir, wherever you are!

We finally arrive to the most beautiful place on earth.  Get checked into our hotel and start relaxing and having some fun.  Because he took some time off before he checked in, we cruised around the island and took in as much as we could. I miss that place. 

The time comes when he checks into his command.  Not one person knew he was suppose to be there.  NO ONE knew why he was there.  So, they stuck him in some class until they could sort things out.  Then, we head to housing to find us a home and people there started flipping out!  See, apparantly you are suppose to check into housing within 3 days of your arrival.  We checked in about 3 weeks into our arrival.  WHY?  Because no one knew we were coming, we didn't get the "housing packet" they said they sent, and there sure wasn't a sponsor or someone to help us sort through this mess. 

WHY?  Because before our move to Hawaii, we were suppose to move to Italy in the Fall.  When he came back from deployment he said we will no longer be going to Italy, and that we will now go to Hawaii.  This was May 24, 2004.  We had to be in Hawaii no later than AUGUST 2004!  As you can imagine, nothing was done according to plan...hence the madness in the housing office.

We get our house, sorry our 1950's townhouse, and a month later we get our furniture.  OK, let's go back to his class and the "new" command.  When his class was finished, they decided to send him to another boat.  A boat that was in the middle of their work up and  in San Diego.  He flew to San Diego to meet the boat.  And would  you know that not one person was there to get him?  Again, because no one knew he was coming!!! Luckily, he's a pretty smart guy and found his way to the boat and got things taken care of.  He arrives home two weeks later and is off again in October (which is when I become pregnant with child#2).  This goes on until his deployment date in February.

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