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January 7, 2011

A long journey

Tomorrow will start our long journey across the southern part of the United States.  Leaving Southern California to return to Northeast Florida.  I know I'm not a daily blogger, but I may be a little late on posting anything on my blog.  But, please keep up with us via twitter...maybe I'll do better the next week using twitter?

So,coming along with me will be my three children, husband, mother and father in law and our two dogs traveling in two vehicles. I am not looking forward to this trip, but I would much rather drive it than sit on a plane with my children for 5+ hours and worrying about my dogs in cargo. 3 very impatient children on a long plane ride with no where to go and not being able to take pit stops can make a plane ride very unpleasant.  So, yeah, a five day car ride right now seems much more appealing :)

But, I am hoping to utilize my camera and to be able to take some great scenic pictures along the way.  I'm hoping that my children will rest easy and try to enjoy the trip just a little bit.  And I am so thankful that my inlaws are joining us on this adventure, because I'm not sure if I would be able to do it without them!  Hey, I'm just happy that I actually like my in laws...or then this trip would be (fill in the blank)!  So, please think of us, pray for us, keep us in thought as we make our journey back home.

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