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February 26, 2011

Your Life

If....a big were going to write about your life in a blog, where would you start?  What would you include? 

I've thought about writing my life story...not that it's full of fun, drama or exciting. But, so it's out there to share with people just in case I might forget one day.

Then I thought, do I really want to put myself out there an do that?  Would I start an anonymous blog and write about it or just write about it here but adding some made up stories so no one would really know the truth.  It sounds daring to me.  

As of now, I share stories about my family, especially things that are related to military life and Down syndrome.  But, I've never shared anything else that is part of my life.  I mean, would you really want to know? 

Would you or are you already doing it? Do you have have a another blog that no one knows about?

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