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March 21, 2011

World Down Syndrome Day

Hey, so I know I’ve kinda been absent from blogging, but I have good reasons!  I moved from CA to FL, lived with our friends for a few weeks, and finally bought a house!  So, for all you people who can move and travel and keep up with their blogs, kudos to you!  But, did I say we bought a house?

Yep, we are officially home owners and I’m loving it!  Our house is perfect for us and has a lot of room.  I’m down to the last few boxes to unpack and then I can decorate!  But hey, it’s so hard to do those things when the beach is calling!

SO, today, I wanted to share something else.  March 21, just happens to be World Down Syndrome Day!  Now, for the ones who share the designer gene, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why this day is important.  However, I wonder how many of my other friends know why this day is important…OK, I should say, why March 21 was chosen to be World Down Syndrome Day?

AND in celebrating this day, I want to send you to another blog.  This person has been a constant since Lillian was born.  She’s given me great advise and a ton of support!  Now, in return, I want to do the same for her.  She and her family are adopting!  A little boy who needs a home immediately!  As, people are coming together to show her support, I’m here to help her by running a fundraiser in Alex’s name. 

Yeah, I know, you didn’t come here asking to give your money away.  But I’m asking you.  In our small community, there are many many families who are in the process of adopting or has already done so…like my friend Jennifer who adopted Sofia (isn’t she beautiful!)  We all know the cost involved in adopting are astronomical, but all we can do is ask for support.  You wouldn’t believe how many forever families have been brought together by simple donations from online fundraisers and from blogging.  It’s amazing, and all of their stories are amazing!

So, if you are willing please go to Christie’s Blog and participate in one of her giveaways.  OR, you can check out my AVON fundraiser for them and help.  AND, if you do, please remember to use the promotional code “4ALEX” at check out. 

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