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July 27, 2011's Summer!

So, the lack of updates on my blog is pretty most likely hear crickets when you come to visit here.  I do apologize, but it's Summer Vacation!  I still and will share the events of June.  But just so you know, July has been pretty slow.

I can tell you that our summer has been filled with trips to the beach and playing inside when it rains.  However, (please don't judge, but I think I'm not the only one who thinks this) I can't wait for school to start!  This coming school year all 3 kids will be in school!  As a stay at home mom, I have been looking forward to this for a long time!  I've always believed that once the kids were all back in school I would go back to work.

But I am a teacher by trade, and finding a JOB is not an easy task these days!  You know, budget cuts meant cutting teachers and closing down schools in this area. So, I'll just wait it out.

And although, we're not rich, we are comfortable.  So, I will relish in the fact that I will be able to clean my house and keep it clean for at least the few hours my children will be in school. I am going to enjoy working out and not paying someone to watch my kid or just being able to run without pushing a jogging stroller around!

Now, let me explain one more thing.  I love love love my children!  My children love love love me!  They want to be entertained at all times.  They love to be near me (including bathroom and shower time).  My children want to be near me all the time, even when they fight and  yell at each other!  My friend thinks it's funny that they each have their own room, but they never spend any time in it, because they want to be near me. I can be mean and grouchy, but they will still be by my side.

So, when school begins, I will breathe and stretch and unplug the t.v. and just sit in silence!

Are you like me or just the opposite? 

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