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September 9, 2011


Oh, the long break from blogging is almost like taking a break from working out/running.  Once you stop, it’s almost impossible to get started again.

I wanted to write today, specifically, because it is my 11th wedding anniversary to my wonderful sailor.  And for the 8th or 9th time, we are spending this time apart from each other.  Ah, yes, the wonderful life of a military wife!  Right now, Charlie is playing with his friend and the girls are enjoying a snack in the kitchen.  I’m sure, when they are much older, they will throw me a big party (I hope). 

My day has been pretty uneventful.  Kids went to school, I cleaned house, and got to message my hubby to tell him happy anniversary.  Kinda boring, huh?  But, I’m content with this.  As much as I would love to have him home and have a romantic night together, I understood this when I said “I do”.  Does it suck??? Oh, heck yeah, it does.  So, now I can just look forward to his return home to collect on this rain check.

Oh, I guess I never told my blogging friends that on June 19 (father’s day), he came home from deployment. The return of his boat was apparently news worthy.  I wish I would have known sooner, I would have sported something a lot more glamorous than my shorts and purple shirt.  But what the hey, at least there was a quick second on his behind and my side Smile  One of the sweetest memories that happened on this day was a birth of a little girl.  This baby timed it just right and mom went into labor as the sailors landed in FL, so her daddy was able to leave the airport and go straight to hospital to be with his wife.

Click here ----> News Coverage <---- to see the news coverage that night of the homecoming.

As you all probably know, he’s on another deployment.  This time he left a couple of weeks after school started.  His last deployment went by smoothly, but this time, adjusting to life is just a little bit harder.  It broke my heart to see my babies cry as their daddy said goodbye to them.  But, I know it will be mended when he comes back home…in 3.5 long months!!!  It was much easier when they were younger, they didn’t think of him constantly and didn’t notice his absence so much.

So, how many special occasions have you all missed?  And, did you do anything special by yourself or just waited?

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!!

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  1. Happy anniversary!!!! Wish you were still here and we could celebrate with you!!!

    I feel you on this one. My husband isn't even in the military and we probably have celebrated less than half our anniversaries and birthdays on the same side of the US. :)

    I hope Bobby's deployment flies by quickly sp you and the babies can have him back home!

    Miss you guys!!!!!!



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