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October 9, 2008

1 in 900 chance

When I got pregnant with Lillian, I was 30 years old.  Which meant that I had a 1 in 900 chance of having a baby with Down syndrome.  After she was born, my friend told me I should audition for Deal or No Deal because I'm so lucky :)  I'm weighting (get it waiting) to loose my baby weight first, so I look hot on T.V. (OK I know corny)

So, this picture was taken when the kids and I went to Italy to spend the summer with Bobby.  I had just lost a lot of weight and felt so good.  In the picture is Katie and Bobby's niece Kimmie.

To my right is my husband Bobby and Charlie.  Charlie was 22 months in this picture.  Look at his hair.  I secretly regret cutting it.  But he's still cute anyway.

Charlie..."Mom, get Lillian off my blanket"

"Ok...we can share, but take my picture"

Lillian learning to fly

Mom...enough already!!!

BTW...Lillian made it in the "A Special Joy 14: Babies with Down syndrome" on  There are so many cuties on there.  Also, there are a lot of babies on there from one of my favorite online message boards,


  1. Okay, I LOVE that picture of Lillian on Charlie's blanket. Too cute!

    Pretty crazy that we ended up beating the odds to end up with our kiddos, huh? My odds at 27 were 1 in 1200.

  2. Lillian is a doll! And so is Charlie :)

  3. Such cute pictures and I'm really enjoying getting to know you better through your blog. both of your kids are such beauties!

    People are way more interesting than we usually get to find out so this blogging thing is a great way to find out more about how people think!



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