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October 9, 2008

Down Syndrome Fact

I am borrowing this from a blog and babycenter board friend of mine. I got her permission first (Thanks Jennie!!!), never want to step on anyones toes you know.  I just thought it was one of the most interesting facts, and one that I wasn't aware of:

"Down syndrome stuff: I mentioned in yesterday's post that individuals with Down syndrome are much more likely to get leukemia than the rest of us. Someone posted a comment (anonymously) which I think you all will find interesting so I'll post it here on the "front page" since not everyone reads comments:

However, kids with Down syndrome also have a much higher CURE rate for leukemia. They also have a much lower rate of other cancers. For example there is only 6 cases of lymphoma in people with Down syndrome... in the last 30 years. They very rarely get anything other than leukemia. When they do get leukemia they respond better to the medication. There is something on the 21st chromosome that helps them fight cancer. Researchers are looking at people with Down syndrome to find the cure for cancer. So while they have more of a risk of GETTING leukemia, far more of them BEAT it than typical kids. 90% for typical kids vs 98% with kids with DS for ALL... and 85% for typical kids vs 95% for kids with DS for AML. I think it's a trade off that's worth it. :) More likely to get it, but also more likely to beat it. Not to mention, helping find the cure for cancer"


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  1. Thanks for that information. Another great thing about our kids! (My daughter Madison has DS) But we all knew they were special anyway.



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