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October 27, 2008

Being Married

I took the greatest nap today!  Lillian and I cuddled in my bed for a record breaking 3 hour nap! The world is a better place now :)

For the record, I want everyone in this world to know I do LOVE LOVE LOVE my husband.  But, man, can he irritate the heck out of me!  I sometimes think it's unfair that I do the things I do.  For instance.  The other day he agreed to pick Katie up from school.  The school called and said they needed a piece of paper signed, so I call him back to tell him that needed to be done.  Nope, he no longer wants to pick her up for that reason.  There are others, but that's just one example.

He is a good man.  He really is.  But I realize for the most part, as a human, I remember the negatives more than I do the positives.  So, I'm going to have to make sure I think about all the good stuff so I don't get so mad...LOL.

So, back from the beginning of my post, because he was home and kept Charlie and Katie busy, I was able to take my magnificent 3 hour nap!  That is a terrific positive.  Don't you think?

I love you honey :)

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