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October 7, 2008

Lillians's Cardio appointment among other things

This morning Bobby and I took Lillian to her followup cardiologist appointment.  First time she has been seen from a doctor outside military facilities.  However, the Dr. himself was former military.  In fact, he knew Lillian's previous cardiologist from way back when.  I'm assumming cardiologist are a small group?  Anyway, she still has her VSD, not getting any smaller.  Dr. said that it shouldn't cause any problem, and said that she doesn't seem to be affected by it since she is growing and getting chubby!  Found out though, she has not one hole but two.  So, that was a shocker.  Good news, is that it is also small and shouldn't cause any problems either!  It is called a Patent Foramen Ovale.  It is a flap like opening between the right and left upper chambers of the heart.  This opening, like the VSD, should close on its own.  We shall see.


I just wanted to add that I'm so glad I'm on the West Coast right now.  Only because it is still an hour before midnight and I have plenty of time to complete my Down for 31 for 21 Challenge!  


Charlie, my son.  I love him dearly.  But I dream of the day that he will one day completely finish a dinner.  He refused to eat dinner tonight, I even tried to bribe him with a popsicle.  Then I gave him a choice to either go to bed or finish his dinner and have a popsicle.  He chose bed.  Thank GOD for multivitamins :)

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  1. Steal away, on the comment on my blog. :-)

    I'm with you on the multi-vitamin thing. It's amazing that they continue to grow, even when they're too busy to eat!

    Yes, the pediatric cardiologist world is a fairly small one. It seems that everyone I meet knows Micah's cardiologist.



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