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October 22, 2008

Urinary Tract Infection

Lillian at 7 months
Charlie at 6 months

Katie at 6 months

Just wanted to post pics of my babies at around the same age in their lives.  What do you think?  do they favor each other or what???


Well, the doctor called and confirmed that Lillian does have a Urinary Track Infection.  So, she's on antibiotics until after she has her ultrasound and xrays done to confirm if she does or does not have a VUR.  I'm hoping that she does not, but my children seem to out do each other one way or another!  So, I'm betting that she does.  She has the xrays and ultrasound on October 24 and then will meet with the Urologist on November 17.  

Katie on the other hand has her xrays and ultrasound on November 13 and will see the urologist the same time as Lillian.  Hopefully, the results say she's good to go! 

Speaking of Katie, she received two reading awards today at school!  She is so smart that girl! Katie has a passion for reading, but lacks that passion for math.  She's good, but she only does enough to get by.  Any ideas on how to spark a love of math would be greatly appreciative. 

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