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November 24, 2008

Niceville, FL

Back in 1994, my father was still in the Air Force and we were living in England.  Because the base we were living at was closing, I was not able to start and finish my senior year at Croughton American High School.  In fact, during the summer of 94, there were a lot of us leaving and moving to either Florida, New Mexico and various other places.  My dad chose Eglin AFB(air force base), FL.  Eglin AFB was located right outside of Shalimar, FL, which was right next to Niceville, FL.  Niceville is where we lived and is where I attended my senior year.  Not only was living in a town called Niceville, we lived on Sparkleberry Cove!  So, my address was:

XXX Sparkleberry Cove
Niceville, FL 

Can you believe that?  Until then, I thought Sparkleberry was a nice of a kool aid flavor and didn't think there would ever be a town called Niceville!

1 comment:

  1. how pleasant, lol!

    I love that addresss...sounds like something out of a movie :)



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