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December 5, 2008

some photos that make me smile

Just thought I would share some of my favorite pictures.  Most of them are from the past two years, but they're still good to look at.


I love love love this picture!  All these kids are so cute!  Notice Katie's shoes?  She still loves to wear my shoes.

Me and Charlie at Katie's 6th birthday party!  

Charlie and Granpa sharing ice cream together.  Mother's Day Dinner!

Katie and her first vegetable grown from a seed!  She still didn't eat it after waiting forever to see her harvest.
And of course my beautiful Lil!


  1. Alexa wears my heels too. There's one pair of brown heels she's pretty much decided is hers... ;o)

  2. Hi there...I found you off of BBC DS board...My name is Darlena and I have 3 children as well...Brayden is my youngest with DS...he is 7 months...Your children are beautiful and would love to get to know you better through blogging. I am in Fresno , California...just saw you live in CA also.

  3. Great pictures. Thats just too funny about your daughter still not eating the veggie. Maybe it was more of a pet to her...?



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