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January 12, 2009

For the love of FOOD

My dear sweet Lillian is a very healthy eater.  It amazes me that this little person was once on a high calorie diet because she had a hard time gaining and keeping weight on.  Looking at her now, you never would have known that!  Here are a few pictures of her enjoying her snack (MUMS).

Below are two pictures of her chewing on a rib bone.  I think she enjoyed that more because she was teething at the time.


  1. Little LIllian is so darn cute! What fun pictures...she is growing up fast...Can I ask what are MUMS? And what age did you start her on these? Brayden just had his well 8-9 month check up and told me to start giving him foods that he can knaw on? I only knew about the Zwieback toast things?? Liliian looks like she is doing really well!



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