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January 12, 2009

Prenatal Testing

Just recently another blogging friend of mine posted a blog about prenatal testing (please read's really good).  A lot of what I'm going to be saying is similar to her point of view.

It's something that I have thought about often.  Especially, given the fact the over 90% of mom's who find out their unborn child will have Down Syndrome will terminate their pregnancy.   I sometimes feel like one of the lucky ones, because I didn't know until she was born that Lillian had Down syndrome.    I only know from reading and talking to other parents who had the prenatal diagnosis what they went through, the options given to them, and how the rest of their pregnancy changed.  So, yeah, I do feel lucky in that sense, because I didn't have any of those fears before she was born.  BUT, I sure wasn't prepared for it after.  My fears quickly subsided.
When I brought her home, everything just fell into place.  

Can you imagine what could happen if there was testing for other disabilities like autism?  Scary, isn't it.

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