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June 3, 2009

Battle Over!

Monkey Girl and I have had this battle of wills for the past two or three weeks now.  But my will has officially won over!

It begins with me thinking that having a small child with Down syndrome isn't so bad.  I took for granted her delays in crawling and pulling up.  I easily went about my daily chores and didn't have to go running after her to keep her out of trouble.  But lately, it has not been that way.  Now that she is crawling and actually pulling up on everything in site, I've been more busy chasing after her than getting my chores done!

Here is what happened...the final straw and how I ended my battle with her!

I was gathering clothes for laundry and I hear Charlie say, "Oh mommy!  I didn't do it!  It was Lillian!"  Not good ... I come into the dining room and all of Charlie's food and chocolate milk was on the floor along with half the table cloth!  Right smack in the middle with food and milk all over was my not to precious Lillian!  The worse part of this incident is how she fought me when I started to clean her up.

So, yeah.  I love the idea of her becoming mobile, but I wouldn't have complained one bit if she delayed it a little bit more!  I'll blame her physical therapist...I'm sure she loves the fact Lillian can move about now!

For now, the  play yard is back up and running.  She doesn't like it at all, but at least, I can run a load of laundry and not have to worry about her every last move!


  1. Ugh...someone is in trouble I think.

  2. Oh boy! That is the downside of mobility! It sounds like you might just have your hands full;0)

  3. I agree, it cool when they start to move but now the real fun begins. Look out.



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