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June 18, 2009


The little Monkey Girl is cruising along! Actually, she's been cruising along, I just haven't told you all yet!

It's so fun to watch her going all along the sectional sofa that we have. Her motivation is finding the remote! She's made many people angry by switching the channels and giving the remote a tongue bath!

The interesting part about watching her cruise like that is her feet. She uses her feet. Yeah, I know that's what she is suppose to do. But it's the only time when she will use her feet properly. When we stand her up to try to get her to walk between two people, she lunges instead of using her feet! I'm not understanding that at all! I feel that we're so close, but so far away because of this one issue.

In a previous post, I shared that she can walk with a pusher, but that's it.

Maybe she needs to work on her confidence. I need to build her up some more! What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. how funny! I think, if I remember correctly, Cameron did the same thing! C'mon baby can DO IT! ;)



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