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June 18, 2009

So lazy...laundry

I am so LAZY! Now that the Drama Queen is out of school I've slowed down on doing laundry. Really, just laundry though. I cannot and will never ever enjoy doing laundry!

But, now I need some input, some motherly advise. Drama Girl is officially 8 years old now. My hubby of man says that I have spoiled her. So, I thought that one of my summer task is to introduce her to laundry. Not the washing and sorting part, but maybe the folding and putting it away part. Just hers! I know she is old enough to handle that, but I sometimes feel that she should just be a kid. But, then again, being a kid also involves learning how to responsible and taking care of your things. I guess, my laziness in laundry won't help motivate her to keep up with her part. I need to work on me.

Actually, doing the laundry is just part of our summer task. I kinda decided to make this the summer of learning. She's brilliant when it comes to schoolwork, but she's kinda of dysfunctional everywhere else. We will organize, take pictures, and post them on her bedroom door or wall, so she will have a visual reminder where her things belong. Not under the bed...or the behind the door!

OK...I will have my cup of coffee. Maybe I will get some energy back and hence not be so lazy. Uhhh...gotta go sort that laundry now!


  1. I'm a laundry hater too. I have to do it every day or it's unbearable. It's one of my least favorite tasks. No advice on the Drama queen since you're ahead of me but I agree she's capable of helping.

  2. My daughter's turning 8 in a couple of weeks. Her idea of putting her laundry away is to shove everything in drawers unfolded. Sigh.



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