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September 9, 2009

Feet and shoes

I am pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I love baby feet. They are small, cute and perfect in every way. When Lillian and I have our quiet times together, I play with her feet and her little toes. They are perfect. In fact, I still play with Charlie's feet, although, they are becoming bigger and bigger every day.

So, for the past week, Lillian's development has really soared. She's walking more and actively playing more with her toys and with her siblings. She has a favorite pair of shoes now. Although, they are not the ones her physical therapist likes, I allow her to wear them because she will keep them on.

But something caught my eye yesterday that almost brought me to tears. It was just so cute and innocent, and one of those things that I wish I had a camera around for. I was sitting at the table with two of my friends and Lillian was running around the house with just a diaper on. I see her from the corner of my eye walking around with one of Katie's shoes. Katie's red, strappy, big girl shoes. Lillian takes a seat and tries her hardest to get those shoes on her feet. I was so happy to be able to catch that moment. It's one of those moments that will forever live in my memory...I hope.

It was also that moment, when I realized that my little baby, is growing up. I also realized, she is putting two and two together and doing it on her own. I wasn't there to bribe her or push her into doing it, but it was all on her own accord.

I like moments like this.

They can only get better...right?


  1. I love the image of her putting on her big girl shoes!! She is going to be an amazing young woman someday!

  2. Oh, this is such a sweet and beautiful post :)
    You are really good at painting pictures like this with words. Prayers and blessings, Becca



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