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September 9, 2009

It's my Anniversary! marks our 9th wedding Anniversary! Our 9th year on 09-09-09! Can't get any better than that!

Our original wedding date was suppose to be May 13, 2000. However, changes had to be made so my dad could be here to actually walk me down the isle. And there were big changes too! Like the location of the ceremony and ordering a whole new set of wedding invitations. But, it's OK now :) Because we get to celebrate our anniversary on a very cool once in a lifetime day occasion!

So, 9 years ago today, I married my man. I always laugh when I think about this day because of the saying "Rain on your wedding day means good luck!" Well, it rained. It stormed . It flooded!

That morning was great.

When we finally got to the chapel, you could feel the humidity start rising and the air getting thick. Yes, it was about to pour! When the rain actually starting falling, it came down so hard and fierce.

You see, I choose this beautiful little white chapel in the middle of the San Marco area in Jacksonville, FL. The grounds were beautiful and the flowers were all in bloom. But, this area does not hold water very well. The rains came down so fast that day that parts of San Marco shut down because the roads were flooded.

And then...there was the issues with our rings! The best man left the rings at his house. Needless to say, his fearless wife battled the floods and made it back in record time with our rings. Did I ever say Thanks? If not...THANK YOU SUMMER!

When it rains like this, people don't leave their houses. Why would you? Half the town was flooding! So, I just knew that we were going to be the only ones at our wedding.

When my father walked me down the isle, it was to my surprise to see the chapel filled. The Florida rains did not keep my family and friends from attending that special day. They came to celebrate my new life, the beginning of a new journey.

So, yes indeed, rain means good luck! I think I've been more than lucky!

Also...9 months later, I think the rains brought me my first born. That night, we conceived our first child.

9 must be my lucky number!


  1. what a cool anniversary!!

    It rained on my wedding day too!

  2. And your poor cousin (Kimberly) wasn't even invited to the wedding :) I joke (even though I really didn't get an invite).

  3. Wow, Its been nine years already. It doesn't seem like that long ago that I walked the most beautiful bride down the aisle. The celebration afterwards was great.



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