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September 3, 2009

Pick Me

Pick Me.

Choose me.

Love ME.

If you are familiar with "Grey's Anatomy" you might be familiar with those three sentences. If not, don't worry. I won't quiz you.

But for some reaon, they stand out to me.

What do those words...sentences mean to you? How does it make you feel?


  1. Desperation, we all feel that way sometimes....deep down when you feel that way you need to reevaluate and think do you really want to be pleading your case that way?? Don't you want the other person/persons to be wanting you and needing you as much as you want them? Ok I need to sleep more, too much deep thinking goes on a 4am!!!

    Anyhow it's Sept when do all my fav shows come back anyhow so I could be catching up at 4am when I can't sleep?

  2. oh I am getting excited for the new season of grey's. It's my "me time". I think it may show a little of derperation as well...but also vulnerablity in baring it all out there to him. Who knows? Just can't wait for it to be back on:)



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