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October 23, 2009

Military Wife...and girlfriends too

A while ago, I got an comment from Anonymous:

It's about time I replied!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "About being a Submariner's Wife":

My boyfriend and best friend of 2 years has just gone for the first time, any words of wisdom i feel like nothing i have ever felt before it is like losing a limb please help if you can

Honestly, it is never easy when your significant other is gone on deployment. No matter, how long he may be gone for!

But, what always held me together was being around those who were in the same boat (no pun attended!) as I was. This is when you should really seek out those significant others from your boyfriends boat who you share common interest with. You know, like your best boat friend, someone who knows what you are going through, someone you can chat with and go out with too! However, on his first boat, I didn't have a single friend! What I did have was a good support system. Having friends is the key...but good reliable friends!

When Bobby was out to sea, this was the time I always lost weight and worked out so I could look hot for him when he got back. I was able to catch up with my hobbies and got things done that I always put off.

Anyone out there who has anymore advice??? Please share them!


  1. I think it's very important to keep you and your significant other connected. Life without connection will drive people apart. When my bf was on deployment, I wrote him an email everyday to let him know what had been happening in my life, and I expected him to do so when it was possible (you know those military regulations and sometimes they just 'disappeared'). But sharing our lives was essential to keep us connected in the electronic way.

  2. I usually train for a marathon and drink wine :)
    haha. Sonia, you are right on. Having a good support network is really nice. I am lucky because I have a wonderful family. Anonymous, writing is important as well. We are so lucky we live in a day and age where this is possible!!



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